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I haven't ever become a user of reddit, but a search I ran just now came
up with a prominent link to a reddit page[1] that claims development of
emacs-w3m "has ground to a halt". I don't have a reddit account, and
don't want to create one just to correct thread, so if anyone wants to
step forward, it would be helpful to reddit users (and others) to know
that while the official 'stable release' of emacs-w3m has gone without
update for many years, the development version is quite stable and is
available via CVS, MELPA, and github.

The project does a dis-service to itself and to its {,potential }users in
the way it promotes older versions of its code over recent versions.

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/emacs/comments/703ksn/eww_vs_emacsw3m/

never  don't have an account on reddit
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