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Re: w3m-pop-up-windows and w3m-use-tab

On 2018-03-13 17:45, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> Thanks.  But, er, I'd like to go a simple way. :-)
> My solution (attached) is only to add the `w3m-display-mode'
> option.

Yours has the advantage of probably working, while mine doesn't yet (I
hope in the coming days to have time to finish the work).

> Note that evaluating (setq w3m-display-mode 'mode) is not
> effective.

That's what I wanted to accomplish - that it should work just as does
now evaluating any of the three current variables (w3m-use-tab,
w3m-pop-up-frames w3m-pop-up-windows) at any time, even after emacs-w3m
has started.

>   Please see the docstring.

That handles only an evaluation upon beginning emacs-w3m, but not once
it has started? Now, changing any of the variables at any time has an
immediate effect.

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