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Re: [boruch_baum@xxxxxxx: Re: Re: w3m-pop-up-windows and w3m-use-tab]

In [emacs-w3m:12940]
On Thu, 15 Mar 2018 23:57:10 -0400, Boruch Baum wrote:
>> To change the display mode immediately while emacs-w3m is running, a
>> user has to use `M-x customize-option'

> That can have undesirable side-effects. The one that comes to mind
> immediately is that if one is in a w3m session and wants to permanently
> change an option using customize-option, the change is saved to a data
> structure in the user's init file, not the user's emacs-w3m-init file or
> wherever else the user has decided to set it.

I don't agree if you meant the defcustom'd emacs-w3m variables
are all bad.

> Another problem of that data structure is that it organizes variables
> alphabetically, not by package.

Use M-x customize-group RET w3m RET

>> Because defcustom is the main user's tool to modify user options,

> Does that mean a user is *required* to use `customize-option' for all of
> them, or just that it's an option? I've never seen emacs documentation
> or docstrings requiring that, only offering the option.

IIUC, the CUSTOM feature, Per Abrahamsen founded, was introduced
to enhance user convenience but never forces users to use it.
So, you can use (setq var val) instead of M-x customize-option.
However, in fact, there are some variables that changing the value
of it does not reflect to the concerning behavior.  My code is
just an example.  Why I do so is that I don't want to burden the
emacs-w3m code with things not useful for all the time.

My second idea (a minor mode) is similar to many foo-mode that
exist in Emacs.  For example, changing the `font-lock-mode'
variable to t does not turn the `font-lock-mode' on.