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Form reuse doesn't update content [BUG REPORT]

I was using emacs-w3m to edit a wiki, which initially worked flawlessly.
However, when I attempted to edit the page a second time, the data in
the w3m form edit window buffer did not update its content. What I mean
is that it had the original text of the page prior to the first edit.

The code seems to be re-using data from variable w3m-current-forms,
which was storing the form's text from before the first edit. This will
always be a bug once a user submits a modified form.

In my case, a work-around was to reload the page with the prefix argument.

I took a look at the code in w3m-forms.el (and related code in w3m.el)
but it looked daunting and wasn't immediately clear, so I don't have a
proper fix to propose.

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