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Re: w3m-clear-display-while-reading vs w3m-view-header on link

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@xxxxxxx> writes:
> Oh, I see.  I overlooked what w3m-about-header does.  Thanks.
> I've fixed it by disabling the progress display for `about:' pages.

This problem, from some time ago, has raised its head again in the
current cvs ... w3m-view-header "=" doesn't display link target and
"title" (Current Anchor: and Anchor Title:).

Setting w3m-clear-display-while-reading to nil makes it ok again.  Or
under the debugger I saw w3m-about-header is reached with point moved to
the top of the buffer, no longer the original place for (w3m-anchor).
Yet more debugger suggested in w3m-goto-url maybe w3m-process-stop was
moving point.  Not quite sure, though commenting it out is ok too, but I
don't know how that's all supposed to work.