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[URGENT] Re: next week

Great. It's a lot of work.

I'm slowly going through the diffs, and I notice something that seems to
need immediate attention:

URGENT: In file w3.el, line 8178 for me with the patches applied, there
exists a parenthesis mis-match in function w3m-delete-buffer. The line
"'no-minibuf" seems to need three close parens instead of two.

			    (push buf bufs)))
			'no-minibuf)))        <<<<<< HERE
	(cond ((= (1- num) (length bufs))

NOT URGENT: I hope to get to the other issues during the course of the
day. You also pointed out some useful work steps that it didn't occur to
me to make part of my routine that I should remember to do in the future
(compile and run make clean lisp).

No needing immediate action, but easy to begin talking about is the
proposal to change how headers are displayed:

1] The use of org mode wasn't primarily for colorization; it was for
   org-mode's navigation and expand / conceal of headings, but if that's
   not desirable, that's ok.

2] The use of font-lock *was* for colorization. I chose it as a pretty
   reliable heuristic for a color scheme that would match any user's
   current theme. Since the font-lock are pretty much universal, users
   are most likely to have them already set to satisfaction, thus saving
   us and them the trouble of a few new defcustom's.

3] I'm pretty sure that I re-bound the '=' and 'b' keys so that the
   behavior mimics the prior (ie. current) behavior of seeming to toggle
   between the header and the rendered text. Under the hood they *are*
   two separate buffers, but that IMO only buys us advantages:

3.1] No processing to re-render the page

3.2] Option to have both the header and the rendered page visible

On 2018-06-07 16:03, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> In [emacs-w3m:12998]
> On Fri, 01 Jun 2018 16:36:28 +0900, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> > I'm very sorry for my no response.  Probably I will somehow be
> > able to have time for working on the patches next week.
> I've applied some and made others pending.  Thanks.
> Applied:
> [emacs-w3m:12980] [emacs-w3m:12986]
>   Make progress messages more uniform and more useful
> [emacs-w3m:12983]
>   Enable favicons to be taken from file://, too
> [emacs-w3m:12988]
>   Bugfix to w3m-select-buffer
> [emacs-w3m:12989]
>   Bugfix to w3m-delete-buffer
> [emacs-w3m:12997]
>   Generic "read-mode" filter
> [emacs-w3m:12999]
>   Filters for stackexchange and youtube
> Pending (see the replies):
> [emacs-w3m:12981]
>   Refactor w3m-process-queue memory and redability
> [emacs-w3m:12984]
>   Display header information in new buffer
> [emacs-w3m:12992]
>   Rearrange about://header code

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