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Re: [BUG] session popup window [PATCH INCLUDED]

>    This method had additional benefits, in that it gives
>    w3m-session-select features it didn't have before. w3m-select-buffer
>    allows the user to control whether the popup buffer displays below or
>    beside the main buffer, so this patch adds the feature. It also means
>    that both popups use the same algorithm for determining the window
>    size: function w3m-select-buffer-window-size.

One thing I noticed about this change:

W3M-SELECT-BUFFER-HORIZONTAL-WINDOW defaults to T, which changes the
default behavior of W3M-SESSION-SELECT to display a window
horizontally. The default W3M-SELECT-BUFFER-WINDOW-RATIO of 18% is
too narrow to display the session listing on a 1280 horizontal pixel
screen with a 6 pixel font. I think 18% is too narrow even for 16:9
aspect ratio displays.

In general, a horizontal window will also be too narrow for Emacs in
most virtual terminals/text consoles.

We should change W3M-SELECT-BUFFER-HORIZONTAL-WINDOW to default to