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Re: Dependencies: mule-ucs, apel, oauth2, flim

Thank you, Boruch, for the helpful suggestions regarding bettering my build recipe -- greatly appreciated.

The oauth2 and mew byte-compile missing dependency errors can be corrected by obtaining the sources and adding the files to the load-path:



The byte-compile missing dependency error from w3m-ucs.el can be corrected by commenting out (require 'un-define) on line 46.

There are miscellaneous errors from several of the total sources regarding "the function ... is not known to be defined"; however, the above eliminates the errors regarding missing dependencies.  The build script for emacs-w3m does not yield the same visible error regarding un-define, so perhaps the library w3m-ucs.el is omitted during the byte-compilation process ....

At the very least, I would recommend adding oauth2 and mew to the list of dependencies on the website requirements page for emacs-w3m, and have someone familiar with the current mule that is built-in to Emacs make decisions regarding how best to modify w3m-usc.el so that it can byte-compile without spooking the lay user (like myself).  Many users will likely rely upon the Emacs package manager to install dependencies.

As far as I can tell, the w3m Emacs browser is usable even with the missing dependency errors.  To be honest, I only use it occasionally and was interested in installing it from scratch because someone on emacs.stackexchange.com and reddit recently asked about how to install it without errors.  I have a version of emacs-w3m that I installed several years ago and have made some modifications over the years as needed.  I do not remember what I commented out and/or installed to make everything byte-compile correctly in my own setup.


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> The error messages are awful and ugly, but do they matter? Do
> emacs-w3m / flim / apel compile anyway? Do they work despite the error
> messages? If they do work, what functionality is missing?