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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Refactor codebase for utf-8 (#9)

Work isn't always easy! In this case, it is many lines, but I don't remember any programming - just changing text strings. Even so, I when I originally did this four months ago, I did invest the time to scan all the results for what looked like legitimate Japanese character strings. What I did earlier today was to patch the current official repo based upon the diff of work from my four-month-old un-official git repo. The final four paragraphs of my extended commit note lists the issues I found when manually scanning the results, and those were addressed months ago in the code.

An option that comes to mind if you don't have time for a comprehensive check is to clone the utf branch of my fork of the project (git clone branch=bb_utf depth=1 ...), which is the basis of the pull request, and spin up that version. You should quickly see whether the changes are basically OK, and get an idea that "pretty much all" of the encodings have been properly converted. That may be sufficient basis to accept the pull request, and if some stray one or two instances are wrong, someone will report it as a bug down the line. Alternatively, you could just use that clone for a few days, and see if you come across any trouble. For the shimbun-related work, it should be enough to use those services that have major changes in diff, and see how they display.

Also, I've already merged my utf branch into my master branch, so if you decide to clone my master branch, you can simultaneously evaluate ALL my pull requests from all my branches...

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