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Re: privacy function for deleting cookies, history, etc. [SNIPPET INCLUDED]


I'd really not like having something which calls rm -f from inside emacs
by default.  And how is rm -f better than emacs's delete-file?

Maybe just empty default value for w3m-scrub-command-list?  Or, better,
just visit files (cookie file etc.) and clear them?

>          (cmd (progn
>                 (while (and (setq cmd (pop cmds))
>                             (not (file-executable-p (car cmd)))))
>                 cmd))

Seems dangerous to use "cmd" inside its own initialization.  Better user
let-form with a new var for use in loop.

>          (cmd-string (if cmd
>                        (format "%s %s" (car cmd) (cdr cmd))
>                       "emacs' delete-file"))

Hm?  I don't get this "emacs' .." value.

>                   (directory-files w3m-profile-directory 'full
>                     "^w3m\\(cache\\|cookie\\|el\\|src\\|tmp\\)" 'nosort))))

What does el/src have to do with private files?

>    (switch-to-buffer stdout-buf)

This functions states in the docstring: "WARNING: This is NOT the way to
work on another buffer temporarily within a Lisp program!  Use
‘set-buffer’ instead.  That avoids messing with the window-buffer

>    (insert "Beginning emacs-w3m history scrub "
>            (format-time-string "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")
>            "\n\nDeleting files ...\n")

Actually, maybe just write a shorter log to *Messages*?