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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Review of Travis-CI configuration is required (#11)

I was bothered that travis was only using emacs 25, and with an OS from 2016, so I decided to see how other emacs projects use travis. Here are some links to .travis.yml files:

This is all new and untested to me, but the current list for what EVM supports seems to be here, and seems to include emacs 26, the emacs development snapshot (I guess that's emacs 27), and something called remacs which seems to be a port of emacs written in rust.

As for operating system versions, if I'm reading correctly, travis seems to be moving to prefer use of docker images, so that may be why the 'native' operating systems that they're offering are so old. If that's true, then it should be easy to find and use a more recent image; however, neither of the two travis yaml files that I pseudo-randomly selected seem to be using that technique.

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