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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Bb history display (#4)

  1. [line 10821] (width (- (w3m-display-width) 21))
    I had 19 instead of 21, to squeeze in more space; was it giving you trouble with wide
    characters or something?

For mainly non-ASCII characters of which the width is interpreted variously as the case may be.
The typical one is the ellipsis character "…" that you introduced. w3m seems to recognize
that its width is 1, however it is displayed by a wide character (width=2) in my Emacs environment.
Here is a recipe to see it (you may not see the difference, though).

(insert "\

404 Not Found 23:59:59 2019-12-31
Long Title… 23:59:59 2020-01-01
\n") (w3m-rendering-half-dump 'utf-8) (w3m-decode-entities) (concat "\n" (buffer-string)))
  1. function w3m-db-history-fix-indentation I don't know how to test, so I'll take your word for it.

Because of the above reason, the indentation for Time/Date portions vary line by line.
The function arranges the indentation column all to be the minimum one of them.

To be continued

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