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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Bb history display (#4)


2.1) There exists a variable w3m-db-history-display-size which is by default set nil, and is
passed to the function as SIZE when called interactively. When a person sets that default
variable as non-nil, your version does not allow the default to be changed (ie. enter a
number instead of pressing return at the prompt), and more importantly, does not prompt for
START, so the user loses that functionality.

Nah. There is no interactive spec in the w3m-db-history' function (i.e., there is no operand in the (interactive) line), so start' and `size' will be nil if it is called interactively, and a user
should always be prompted for them. You wrote in the comment:

(t ; called interactively; possibly indirectly

I imagined that the indirect case would probably be to call this function from a custom ELisp
command that specifies start' and/or size' by something like prompting a user. In that case, this
function should honor those arguments rather than prompting a user for them again, I thought.

To be continued

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