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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Bb history display (#4)

So, as summary, using my original point numbering as reference:

[line 10821] (width (- (w3m-display-width) 21)): @yamaoka says that this is because how 'wide' characters appear differently in different environments. If so, is this really the correct solution? It doesn't properly handle the character in my utf-8 environment, and what about any number of wide characters that could be present in the URL title? Shouldn't there be some kind of environment check and count of all the wide characters, instead of just adding '2' in all cases, even if its not needed?

2.1) There exists a variable w3m-db-history-display-size

@yamaoka : The most common way to use function w3m-db-history is by an interactive call to function w3m-history with the prefix argument. (C-u h keybinding by default). That is where the size arg is set non-nil to the default value.

2.2) It seems that you're checking for an X11 version

There is value in performing some form of size test, but not the test that the code performs, and not only in the GUI/X11 case.

@yamaoka : As I'm writing I see that you've pushed another commit about this, removing some GUI stuff, and adding an interactive list. The idea for the interactive list had been made by Filipp Gunbin on the mailing list ~13096.

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