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[emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] melpa stable and melpa badges (#19)

  1. The README.md file for the project should have an additional badge to point to melpa. For markdown, the format of the badge is:


I've done this on my master branch, so you can see there what it looks like.

  1. Once the badge exists, clicking on it (and enabling enough _javascript_) will give you a summary page with all kinds of useful and trivia information about the project. The page also contains the code for how to insert the badge in different README formats.

  2. There does exist a second type of melpa badge, called 'melpa stable', and it might be worthwhile to consider setting the project up to be able to use that because there are bound to be users who want to take a more conservative approach rather than pulling a pseudo-random latest commit. However, I'm not sure how to get a package added to 'melpa stable'. I see different indications on different search results. One page says that 'melpa stable' is built from the latest git tag of a project, while another page says that 'melpa stable' is somehow curated. If the project is interested in pursuing this, the thing to do might be to open an issue with melpa.

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