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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Bb history display (#4)

On 2019-02-24 17:50, yamaoka wrote:
> [1]@Boruch-Baum
> [line 10821] (width (- (w3m-display-width) 21)): [2]@yamaoka says
> that this is because how 'wide' characters appear differently in
> different environments. If so, is this really the correct solution?
> w3m-db-history-fix-indentation' and tweaking the width' (-21) are no
> more than a workarounds.
> It doesn't properly handle the character in my utf-8 environment,
> and what about any number of wide characters that could be present
> in the URL title? Shouldn't there be some kind of environment check
> and count of all the wide characters, instead of just adding '2' in
> all cases, even if its not needed?
> That is a w3m problem, not that of Emacs or emacs-w3m, I think (though
> Emacs on TTY makes a mysterious behavior). Emacs (at least the ones I
> have) says that the string width of "…" is 2 no matter what display (X
> or TTY) or font is used. Please try the attached ELisp snippet and
> Eval: (and (search-forward "bar" nil t) (goto-char (match-beginning
> 0)))
> in the beginning of each "foo" line.
> [3]ELisp2.gz

I did. What I get is:

foo… bar
`bar' starts at the column 48
foo** bar
`bar' starts at the column 48

But I don't understand why or how that's relevant. For (string-width
"…"), I get an answer of '1'...

I also tried the following, which also gives me values of one for everything:

(let ((ellipsis "…"))
(dolist (enc
'((us_ascii . raw-text)
(us-ascii . raw-text)
(gb2312 . cn-gb-2312)
(cn-gb . cn-gb-2312)
(iso-2022-jp-2 . iso-2022-7bit-ss2)
(iso-2022-jp-3 . iso-2022-7bit-ss2)
(tis-620 . tis620)
(windows-874 . tis-620)
(cp874 . tis-620)
(x-ctext . ctext)
(unknown . undecided)
(x-unknown . undecided)
(windows-1250 . cp1250)
(windows-1251 . cp1251)
(windows-1252 . cp1252)
(windows-1253 . cp1253)
(windows-1254 . cp1254)
(windows-1255 . cp1255)
(windows-1256 . cp1256)
(windows-1257 . cp1257)
(windows-1258 . cp1258)
(euc-jp . euc-japan)
(shift-jis . shift_jis)
(shift_jis . shift_jis)
(sjis . shift_jis)
(x-euc-jp . euc-japan)
(x-shift-jis . shift_jis)
(x-shift_jis . shift_jis)
(x-sjis . shift_jis)))
; test #1
(with-coding-priority (list (cdr enc))
(message "%d: %s"
(string-width ellipsis)
(car enc)))
; test #2
(message "%d: %s"
(string-width (decode-coding-string ellipsis (cdr enc)))
(car enc))))

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