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Re: reload twice with minimal (?) example and 'emacs -q'

On April 26, 2019, [emacs-w3m:13373], moasenwood (at zoho.eu) wrote:
> The error is in the MELPA version, I think, try
> grep the source for `w3m-url-invalid-regexp'.
> At least I get a hit for the
> w3m-20190419.38/w3m.elc file.

Ah, now reproducible for me.

It seems the use of w3m-url-invalid-regexp is embedded in w3m.elc,
because old w3m-util.el* is used when byte-compilation.

To avoid this problem, quit Emacs, remove the Debian package
w3m-el/w3m-el-snapshot, and then start Emacs and install w3m
with MELPA.

Tatsuya Kinoshita