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Re: error in process sentinel: w3m-filter-stackexchange: Search failed: "^ </a>"

Boruch Baum wrote:

> I see that you posted this and two other
> emails on 28 April, but they only cam into my
> inbox within the last two hours. This is
> another case of yours that I can't reproduce.
> In my file w3m-filter.el, on line 1262, the
> code reads:
>     (while (re-search-forward "^\t</a>" p2 t)
> and that final 't' should suppress any error
> message that would be generated. Is that how
> your version of the file reads?

Line 1262 is in the `w3m-filter-youtube' defun!

Line 1222 OTOH, which is in
`w3m-filter-stackexchange', is

    (while (re-search-forward "^\t</a>" p2 nil)
    ... )

It also has a comment on lines 1165-1169:

    ; TODO: FIXME: The following condition-case
    ; is a kludge because when the
    ; `re-search-forward' statements were not
    ; finding anything, we were getting "error
    ; in process sentinel: while: Search
    ; failed:". The proper solution is likely
    ; in the process sentinel (whichever one
    ; that turns out to be), not here.

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