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Re: Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument stringp w3m-filter-prefer-lazy-images)

On 2019-05-08 22:33, Michael Pagan wrote:
> I can't browse webpages with emacs-w3m since the latest commit about 19 hours
> ago, [1604c85][0] (adds new filter).
> ...
> I configured Emacs to update all of my packages (emacs-w3m, included) everyday,
> so today I was surprised when I “M-x w3m”, and was sent straight to a *Backtrace*
> buffer.
> ...
> I’ve made a workaround for now so that I can still use emacs-w3m:
> ...
> This workaround deletes the ‘w3m-filter-prefer-lazy-images’ list
> ...

You're actually suffering from a second and somewhat more severe bug -
that the project documentation is way out-of-date. In your case, if what
you need to do (for the short-term hopefully) is to disable a single
filter, it should be sufficient to run `C-u f` and select the filter
which you wish to toggle (off/on). Just in case your keybindings aren't
set the same as mine, that would be `C-u M-x w3m-toggle-filtering`.

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