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Re: bugs related to tabs

On 2019-05-24 13:08, Katsumi Yamaoka wrote:
> I'm now in the mood that I'd like to restart emacs-w3m from the
> cvs2git tag that was labeled when the git repo started (there, I'll
> exclude your all changes having been done after the tag except for the
> trivials including filters, etc., and won't merge your pull requests
> any more).

Ouch. That's throwing out a lot of good work and improvements. An
alternative would be to establish some form of 'testing' branch (similar
in idea to many projects' testing repositories), and then users would
have an option of choosing between melpa stable and melpa testing.

If you are committed to that idea, though, choosing the cv2git tag as
the regression point is quite arbitrary, because our workflow was
similar before that, and many of my significant code contributions
preceded that.

In any event, I haven't deleted any of the historical PR branches from
my copy of the project's git repository, and it includes documentation
of each branch, so that would make selective regression easier, and
would also allow third parties to selectively adopt individual features.

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