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More about name anchors

Function `w3m-fontify-anchors' is what sets the values for text property
`w3m-name-anchor2'. A central part of it is a 'cond' statement with two
clauses: `href' and `name'. However, the `href' clause seems to be
duplicating the `name' clause, so shouldn't the function be of the form:

 (when href
;  (w3m-add-text-properties
;    start (point-max)
;    (list 'w3m-name-anchor2
;	   (cons (w3m-decode-entities-string name)
;	         prenames)))
 (when name
     start (point-max)
     (list 'w3m-name-anchor2
 	   (cons (w3m-decode-entities-string name)

This is apart from the question/issue I raised in my prior email why
this text property needs to be accumulating a list of all its preceding
anchors in addition to its own.

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