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Re: link or page not rendered

Hi Boruch.

> I used w3m-goto-url ~/Notes.....html, ie. 'g'
First time I heard about w3m-goto-url funct.

> I should try the two methods you mention, but I really do need to get
> some shut-eye.

Yeah. I would need rest too. And btw We are here in winter so staying
too long is having the temperature drop.

> > w3m-buffer Does the job on my workstation.
> > w3m-find-file never renders the page.
> Never is a long time to wait. How long did you wait?


> > So this also confirm your discoveries. the rendering is the issue and
> > not the w3m process.

> Since the url was of interest to you, and you were presumably going to
> read it / 'use' it anyway, do everyone a favor and please try loading it
> using my suggestion in paragraph seven, ie. first comment out
> (w3m-fix-illegal-blocks) in function w3m-rendering-buffer, evaluate
> function w3m-rendering-buffer, re-load the url, 'use' it, and report
> back if there are any deficiencies in the result without using function
> fix-illegal-blocks.

I am going to try this. As soon as I could. Normally I read something on
Saturdays. But I could try rendering with w3m-find-file (with the
commented line on w3m-rendering-buffer).

> Solving this may also solve a long-standing annoyance I have with the
> rendering time for long wikipedia pages, so the effort may well be very
> useful for most emacs-w3m users. Who knows - this may be a reason people
> in the past have tried and rejected emacs-w3m.

I am not sure this is the case. But fixing long standing bugs helps a
lot of people. As I have told You I read news from within emacs using my
mailclient which ends opening the rss link on w3m. So probably during the day I open more pages on w3m than on
a moderm web browser. From my workflow that's the main use I do of w3m.

Inside my head. I think everybody does this daily.