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[emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Missing styles in w3m-display-mode (#60)

Missing styles in w3m-display-mode

To say "This variable is now DEPRECATED!" (see w3m.el) there are missing two kinds of the styles should be added to w3m-display-mode.   They would be named to something like windows and tabbed-windows corresponding to:

                      windows    tabbed-windows
       w3m-use-tab      nil           t
w3m-pop-up-windows      t             t
 w3m-pop-up-frames      nil           nil

Where t for w3m-pop-up-windows in those styles is meant to launch or raise the emacs-w3m buffer in another window of the current frame (if nil, open the buffer in the selected window).   Just before bringing up this issue I've fixed how w3m-pop-up-windows to control the behavior, that's a long standing bug!

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