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Re: configuration bug: bash-specific redirection notation

In [emacs-w3m:13501]
On Tue, 23 Jul 2019 10:19:50 +0200, Manuel Giraud wrote:
> I'm a happy emacs-w3m user on OpenBSD. Without the following patch, the
> configure script errors out. It may be due to the fact that the default
> shell is not bash here.

> +++ b/aclocal.m4
> -	echo "(let ((x ${elisp})) (write-region (format \"%s\" x) nil \"${OUTPUT}\" nil 5) (delete-file \"${EL}\"))" >& ${EL} 2>&1
> +	echo "(let ((x ${elisp})) (write-region (format \"%s\" x) nil \"${OUTPUT}\" nil 5) (delete-file \"${EL}\"))" > ${EL} 2>&1

Fixed in git master.  Thanks.  I verified that at least /bin/ash
on Cygwin doesn't work as: Syntax error: Bad fd number

On Wed, 24 Jul 2019 04:20:03 -0400, Boruch Baum wrote:
> @Katsumi-san: Why redirect STDERR at all?

It's indeed nonsense.  I removed all the `2>&1's in AC_EMACS_LISP.