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Re: lexical-binding

Wow! Excellent!

>> On Thu, 01 Aug 2019 11:02:32 +0900
>> yamaoka@xxxxxxx (Katsumi Yamaoka) said as follows:

>> Still uses lexical-let, using the lexical-binding would be the
>> next step.

>Turned on lexical-binding in files that used to use lexical-let:
> mew-w3m.el, w3m-antenna.el, w3m-ems.el, w3m-favicon.el,
> w3m-image.el, w3m-proc.el, w3m-weather.el, w3m.el

w3m-process-do() が実装されたのが2001年なので,なんと18年ぶりの大幅改変

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