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[emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] w3m-redisplay-pages-automatically hook interferes with exwm (#75)

Right now, w3m-mode unconditionally adds w3m-redisplay-pages-automatically to window-configuration-hook (incidentally, doing this every time w3m-mode is called seems redundant, and makes harder than it should removing the hook). It would be nice if this were configurable: there're circumstances where i don't want w3m to redisplay (or try to) behind my back, and the logic of that hook is a bit convoluted. As an example, exwm is picky in how it handles focus and layouts, and that w3m hook interferes with the final focus of windows; while that's not necessarily w3m's fault (exwm layout handler should be most robust), it be nice to be able to customize out this interference :)


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