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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Repeated same img tags are packed (#76)

1 It seems that Cygwin's w3m.exe is probably too old to output hseq
parameters. I needed to build w3m myself.

In my Cygwin box /usr/bin/w3m.exe is w3m/0.5.3. Oh, it always returns only the help page no matter what command line options emacs-w3m issues. I normally use /usr/local/bin/w3m.exe built from the latest source gotten from https://salsa.debian.org/debian/w3m.git/ .

2 t (w3m-toggle-inline-image) at the beginning of the second image
anchor toggles two consecutive images on.
3 t toggles all same images off.

Fixed. Thank you for pointing these out.

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