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Re: [emacs-w3m/emacs-w3m] Replace obsolete forms (#101)

I also see usage of function 'inline' whichsee docstring explicitly says "You don't need this."

Yes, you don't need this if running the ELisp code without byte-compiling. But when the code is compiled into elc, a function surrounded in inline will be replaced in the byte-code with its function definition itself, while compiled into the code equivalent to (funcall function-name) if it is not inlined.

 (lambda (url)
   (inline (w3m-cache-remove-1 url))))
 => #[257 "\211\302^A^H\"\303\211^B\205/^@\304^C@   \"\210^BA@\211\262^C^CAA\211\26\
2^C|\210^A\303\211\223\210\211\303\211\223\210\305^C^H\"\211^P\207" [w3m-cache-\
articles w3m-cache-hashtb assoc nil remhash delq] 8 "                           
(fn URL)"]

 (lambda (url)
   (w3m-cache-remove-1 url)))
 => #[257 "\300^A!\207" [w3m-cache-remove-1] 3 "                                    
(fn URL)"]

Using inline makes a byte-code faster, so we use inline if the code often or repeatedly runs.

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