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book/magazine/comic search

How about adding "library genesis" to the default w3m-search-engine-alist ?

I can vouch for them being a phenomenal free resource for discovering
and downloading all types of science and technology English-language texts. Their
database has coverage for *all* languages; it's just that I only ever use
them for English. They also have databases for: scientific articles,
fiction, comics, standards, and magazines. I can't vouch for those.

An entry-point URL for them is: https://libgen.is/

A proposed addition to variable w3m-search-engine-alist would be:

 ("libgen" "https://libgen.is/search.php?&req=%s&sort=year&sortmode=DESC"; utf-8) t)


 ("library genesis" "https://libgen.is/search.php?&req=%s&sort=year&sortmode=DESC"; utf-8) t)

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