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First of all, let me say:
  * I'm not sure if this address is used to join the mailing list, or
    to send messages to it.  So, either here's a message, or
    subscribe emacs-w3m
  * Sorry that I'm posting in English.
  * emacs-w3m is extremely nifty.

That said, there seems to be a problem with w3m-anchor.
(I'm using the current cvs version.)
If the url being referenced to begins with //, then w3m-anchor seems
to add the url of the current page to the beginning.  It seems as if
this is appropriate if the url being referenced begins with /, but if
it begins with //, then there only needs to be a http: put at the
This is occurs at slashdot, for example, where the "Read More" is
<a HREF="//slashdot.org/interviews/01/10/04/1849203.shtml"><b>Read More...</b></a> 
for example, but w3m-print-this-url prints
I'm poking around at the w3m-add-text-properties, etc., to see why it
is doing this, but I haven't yet found out why.

And, by the way,
emacs-w3m is extremely cool!