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Re: Asynchronous emacs-w3m -patch

Taiki SUGAWARA <taiki.s@cityfujisawa.ne.jp> writes:

> I think merege your patch to asynchronous branch.

Ok.  Just note that it is not against the asynchronous branch.

> I applied small patch after apply your patch.  Then asynchronous
> operation is works on Meadow.

What is Meadow?  Why was the modification needed with Meadow?

>> This patch is against CVS version (trunk) as of 20011029T1628Z.
> It's a typo of 20011030T0918Z ?(^^;

No, it is not.  The date in the filename of the patch is the
"version" of patch, not the "version" of emacs-w3m it is against.  In
future, I will include both dates.  I have fixes for download and
external view already but I'm ill at the moment so it'll take few
days before I can prepare a new patch.

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