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Re: w3m clashes with mime types

>>>>> In <81lmejyn21.fsf_-_@zion.bpnetworks.com>
>>>>>	Ami Fischman <usenet@fischman.org> wrote:

> So, in trying to make gnus aware of antiword (in my ~/.mailcap file), I came
> across the following problem: if I receive a message created by outlook (for
> example), that has a MIME part for the text version of the message, a MIME
> part for the HTML version, and a MIME part for a word document attachment,
> the article will be buttonized correctly (I get a [2. wordfilename.doc ...]
> type thing), but I cannot click on this button.

Probably, you can fix this temporally by evaluating the
following expression in the article buffer:

(setq mm-w3m-minor-mode nil)

When using emacs-w3m in the article buffer, the keymap for
emacs-w3m will be activated as a minor-mode-map, and it will
override the original keymap.  Should we make it customizable
whether to allow a minor-mode-map for emacs-w3m?  Or, does
anyone have much better ideas?
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>