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Re: W3m.el and Emacspeak


Thank you for your comment.  I am forwading your mail to the mailing
list of emacs-w3m, and will discuss about it.  Our mailing list is the
open list, so, you can send any comments to it.

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Hi --

First off thanks for w3m and its emacs interface --I've been using it
with emacspeak for the last few weeks with good success.

There is now an Emacspeak speech-enabler module for W3m --initially
authored by Dimitri Paducha and extended by me; this module will be
part of the next release of Emacspeak and is already checked into the
Emacspeak CVS repository at sourceforge.

I have a few W3M-el requests:

0) W3M uses a large number of defmacros --I'd like to see at least
   some of these turned into defsubst to make Emacspeak's life easier.
If you are prepared to accept that change I'd be happy to contribute
   updates to w3m-utils.el and friends.

1) I noticed that w3m does not presently handle the <em> and <i> tags
   from HTML.
2)  CSS support would be nice; I still dont know how we'd pull that
   off given  the connection between w3m and the Emacs interface.

3) I've compiled W3M with cookie support --but w3m.el appears to be
   ignoring cookies for now.


Best Regards,
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TSUCHIYA Masatoshi