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Re: w3m-iso-latin-1 - "No such coding system"

>>>>> TSUCHIYA wrote:

>>> On Fri, 03 May 2002 09:01:48 +0200
>>> matsl@contactor.se (Mats Lidell) said as follows:

>> When I use emacs-w3m I get the error message w3m-iso-latin-1 - "No
>> such coding system".

TSUCHIYA> I am wondering that make-ccl-coding-system() is not defined
TSUCHIYA> in your XEmacs before w3m-xmas.el is loaded.  So, could you
TSUCHIYA> evaluate the following expression before emacs-w3m is
TSUCHIYA> started and after?
TSUCHIYA>     (fboundp 'make-ccl-coding-system)

nil both before and after.

%% Mats