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RE: how go finish a w3m text buffer (non-member post)


To commit that text editting, you need to press C-c C-c.

This key command is often used in other modes for signaling to emacs that
you are done with an edit buffer. (I think mail-mode is one).

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| Subject: [emacs-w3m:03489] how go finish a w3m text buffer
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| Konban-wa. First thank you so much for emacs-w3m. Perhaps you might
| answer a simple question. Occasionally filling in a form opens a w3m
| text buffer in Emacs, for example when giving details of a bug
| report. I can enter text in the w3m text buffer but I don't know how to
| get out of that buffer (quit) so as to get the long text into the form.
| Could you help me, please?
| Sayonara.
| Lucien
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