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Re: TAB Browsing

At Mon, 07 Oct 2002 07:33:02 -0400, Peter Mickle wrote:
> Thanks for emacs-w3m, it's great to use. I am not sure how to enable
> "TAB Browsing" properly. I have "w3m use tab" and "w3m use tab menubar"
> both set to on (non-nil), which is the default. I get a TAB, but only
> one TAB, the one for the page being visited currently. Effectively, I
> cannot use tabs for browsing, and I assume that this is not the correct
> or expected behaviour.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am an "end-user". Thanks again
> for your great application!

Use Shift-RET to follow link instead of RET only, then the link is opened
in the new tab (similarly for "G" instead of "g").

C-c C-t	Create a twin copy of the current buffer.
C-c C-n	Switch to next w3m buffer.
C-c C-p	Switch to previous w3m buffer.
C-c C-w	Kill current w3m buffer.

Yoichi Nakayama