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Re: W3M customization

At Thu, 31 Oct 2002 16:47:38 +0100,
Felix E. Klee wrote:
> > The buffer name "*w3m*" is hard-coded and changing it may cause some
> > troubles.
> A solution I might try is to create wrapper functions for w3m-goto-url, etc. 
> that load a web page and rename its buffer.
> > But why do you need to change the buffer name?
> So that I can switch faster between buffers. For example, if a buffer is 
> called "Yahoo!" I might be able to switch to it by pressing "C-x b Y a Tab".

Humm, I see.
Then how about binding some key to the command 'w3m-select-buffer'?
ex. (global-set-key "\C-cw" 'w3m-select-buffer)

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