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Re: help display (mode map) meaningless!


>> On 2 Nov 2002 02:07:59 +0100
>> ino-waiting@gmx.net ("Clemens Fischer") said as follows:

>emacs-w3m looks ok, i just upgraded from the recent version 1.3.2.
>since the readme mentions a change in keybindings, i tried the usual
>`?' and later even `C-h m' to get the keybindings.  but for the w3m
>mode, the display is just:

>w3m mode:
>r-update] 5 (#$ . 200568) "p"])
>#@63 Select the ARG'th different w3m buffer in the opposite order.

>this was ok before.

It seems that your emacs uses byte-compiled files of old emacs-w3m
instead of ones of upgraded emacs-w3m.  This problem may mean that you
failed in installing emacs-w3m.  Could you check that byte-compiled
files of old emacs-w3m remain in your system, and check the value of


TSUCHIYA Masatoshi