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Re: help display (mode map) meaningless!

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@namazu.org>:

>>w3m mode:
>>r-update] 5 (#$ . 200568) "p"])
>>#@63 Select the ARG'th different w3m buffer in the opposite order.
> It seems that your emacs uses byte-compiled files of old emacs-w3m
> instead of ones of upgraded emacs-w3m.  This problem may mean that you
> failed in installing emacs-w3m.  Could you check that byte-compiled
> files of old emacs-w3m remain in your system, and check the value of
> load-path?

this must have been it!  unfortunately i cannot confirm it precisely,
because i always take extra care with this.  my log shows that all the
files were installed, and list-load-path-shadows lists no w3m shadows
at all.  i did the following to delete the only files that were left
from the previous install:

 rm /emacs/site-lisp/w3m_el/w3m-filter.el*
 rm /emacs/site-lisp/w3m_el/w3m.el~
 rm /emacs/site-lisp/w3m_el/w3m_el-1.el

you removed w3m-filter, right?  and the other files are backups.  none
of them would get loaded, right?

anyway, everything's fine now, and once again i am a happy emacs-w3m
user :)

thanks, and regards,