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menu bar unreachable: wrong-type-argument listp tmm-menubar-mouse

Dear Bug Team!

i was on the visited URLs page (`s' command) and found that one face
was hardly readable, so i wanted to change it via the customize menu
and hit f10.

didn't work.  the menu didn't come up.  so i got this trace:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument listp tmm-menubar-mouse)
  member-ignore-case("TAB" (mouse-1 . tmm-menubar-mouse))
  easy-menu-name-match("TAB" (mouse-1 . tmm-menubar-mouse))
  easy-menu-get-map-look-for-name("TAB" (keymap (files "File" keymap (open-file menu-item "Open File..." find-file ... :enable ... :help "Read a file into an Emacs buffer") (dired menu-item "Open Directory..." dired ... :help "Read a directory, operate on its files") (insert-file menu-item "Insert File..." insert-file ... :enable ... :help "Insert another file into current buffer") (kill-buffer menu-item "Close (current buffer)" kill-this-buffer ... :enable ... :help "Discard current buffer") (separator-save menu-item "--") (save-buffer menu-item "Save (current buffer)" save-buffer ... :enable ... :help "Save current buffer to its file") (write-file menu-item "Save Buffer As..." write-file ... :enable ... :help "Write current buffer to another file") (revert-buffer menu-item "Revert Buffer" revert-buffer ... :enable ... :help "Re-read current buffer from its file") (recover-session menu-item "Recover Crashed Session..." recover-session ... :enable ... :help "Recover edits from a crashed session") (separator-print menu-item "--") (print-buffer menu-item "Print Buffer" print-buffer ... :help "Print current buffer with page headings") (print-region menu-item "Print Region" print-region ... :enable mark-active :help "Print region between mark and current position") (ps-print-buffer-faces menu-item "Postscript Print Buffer" ps-print-buffer-with-faces ... :help "Pretty-print current buffer to PostScript printer") (ps-print-region-faces menu-item "Postscript Print Region" ps-print-region-with-faces ... :enable mark-active :help "Pretty-print marked region to PostScript printer") (ps-print-buffer menu-item "Postscript Print Buffer (B+W)" ps-print-buffer ... :help "Pretty-print current buffer in black and white to PostScript printer") (ps-print-region menu-item "Postscript Print Region (B+W)" ps-print-region ... :enable mark-active :help "Pretty-print marked region in black and white to PostScript printer") (separator-window menu-item "--") (split-window menu-item "Split Window" split-window-vertically ... :help "Split selected window in two") (one-window menu-item "Unsplit Windows" delete-other-windows ... :enable ... :help "Make selected window fill its frame") (make-frame menu-item "New Frame" make-frame-command ... :visible ... :help "Open a new frame") (make-frame-on-display menu-item "New Frame on Display..." make-frame-on-display ... :visible ... :help "Open a new frame on another display") (delete-this-frame menu-item "Delete Frame" delete-frame ... :visible ... :enable ... :help "Delete currently selected frame") (separator-exit "--") (exit-emacs menu-item "Exit Emacs" save-buffers-kill-emacs ... :help "Save unsaved buffers, then exit") "File") (edit "Edit" keymap (undo menu-item "Undo" undo ... :enable ... :help "Undo last operation") (cut menu-item "Cut" kill-region ... :enable ... :help "Cut (kill) text in region between mark and current position") (copy menu-item "Copy" menu-bar-kill-ring-save ... :enable mark-active :help "Copy text in region between mark and current position" :keys "\\[kill-ring-save]") (paste menu-item "Paste" yank ... :enable ... :help "Paste (yank) text most recently cut/copied") (select-paste menu-item "Select and Paste" yank-menu :enable ... :help "Paste (yank) text cut or copied earlier") (clear menu-item "Clear" delete-region ... :enable ... :help "Delete the text in region between mark and current position") (mark-whole-buffer menu-item "Select All" mark-whole-buffer ... :help "Mark the whole buffer for a subsequent cut/copy.") (separator-search menu-item "--") (search menu-item "Search" ...) (replace menu-item "Replace" ...) (goto menu-item "Go To" ...) (bookmark menu-item "Bookmarks" menu-bar-bookmark-map :help "Record positions and jump between them") (separator-bookmark menu-item "--") (fill menu-item "Fill" fill-region ... :enable ... :help "Fill text in region to fit between left and right margin") (props menu-item "Text Properties" facemenu-menu :help "Change properties of text in region") "Edit") (options "Options" keymap (toggle-global-lazy-font-lock-mode menu-item "Syntax Highlighting" global-font-lock-mode ... :help "Colorize text based on language syntax (Global Font Lock mode)" :button ...) (transient-mark-mode menu-item "Active Region Highlighting" transient-mark-mode ... :enable ... :help "Make text in active region stand out in color (Transient Mark mode)" :button ...) (highlight-paren-mode menu-item "Paren Match Highlighting" show-paren-mode ... :help "Highlight matching/mismatched parentheses at cursor (Show Paren mode)" :button ...) (highlight-separator "--") (truncate-lines menu-item "Truncate Long Lines in this Buffer" toggle-truncate-lines ... :help "Truncate long lines on the screen" :button ...) (auto-fill-mode menu-item "Word Wrap in Text Modes" menu-bar-text-mode-auto-fill ... :help "Automatically fill text between left and right margins (Auto Fill)" :button ...) (case-fold-search menu-item "Case-Insensitive Search" toggle-case-fold-search ... :help "Ignore letter-case in search" :button ...) (cua-mode menu-item "CUA-style cut and paste" menu-bar-toggle-cua-mode ... :help "Use C-z/C-x/C-c/C-v keys for undo/cut/copy/paste" :button ...) (edit-options-separator "--") (uniquify menu-item "Use Directory Names in Buffer Names" toggle-uniquify-buffer-names ... :help "Uniquify buffer names by adding parent directory names" :button ...) (save-place menu-item "Save Place in Files between Sessions" toggle-save-place-globally ... :help "Visit files of previous session when restarting Emacs" :button ...) (toggle-auto-compression menu-item "Automatic File De/compression" auto-compression-mode ... :help "Transparently decompress compressed files" :button ...) (debugger-separator "--") (debug-on-error menu-item "Enter Debugger on Error" toggle-debug-on-error ... :help "Enter Lisp debugger when an error is signaled" :button ...) (debug-on-quit menu-item "Enter Debugger on Quit/C-g" toggle-debug-on-quit ... :help "Enter Lisp debugger when C-g is pressed" :button ...) (mule-separator "--") (mule menu-item "Mule (Multilingual Environment)" ... :help "Default language, encodings, input method") (showhide-separator "--") (showhide menu-item "Show/Hide" ... :help "Toggle on/off various display features") (custom-separator "--") (save menu-item "Save Options" menu-bar-options-save ... :help "Save options set from the menu above") (customize menu-item "Customize Emacs" ... :help "Full customization of every Emacs feature") "Options") (buffer "Buffers" keymap "Select Buffer" ("*scratch*" "*scratch*  " ... . menu-bar-select-buffer) ("*Messages*" "*Messages*  *" ... . menu-bar-select-buffer) (frames-separator "--") (frames menu-item "Frames" ...) (command-separator "--") (next-buffer menu-item "Next Buffer" next-buffer ... :help "Switch to the \"next\" buffer in a cyclic order") (prev-buffer menu-item "Previous Buffer" prev-buffer ... :help "Switch to the \"previous\" buffer in a cyclic order") (select-named-buffer menu-item "Select Named Buffer..." switch-to-buffer ... :help "Prompt for a buffer name, and select that buffer in the current window") (list-all-buffers menu-item "List All Buffers" list-buffers ... :help "Pop up a window listing all emacs buffers")) (tools "Tools" keymap (grep menu-item "Search Files (Grep)..." grep ... :help "Search files for strings or regexps (with Grep)") (compile menu-item "Compile..." compile ... :help "Invoke compiler or Make, view compilation errors") (shell menu-item "Shell Command..." shell-command ... :help "Invoke a shell command and catch its output") (shell-on-region menu-item "Shell Command on Region..." shell-command-on-region ... :enable mark-active :help "Pass marked region to a shell command") (gdb menu-item "Debugger (GDB)..." gdb ... :help "Debug a program from within Emacs with GDB") (separator-prog "--") (spell menu-item "Spell Checking" ispell-menu-map) (separator-spell "--") (compare menu-item "Compare (Ediff)" menu-bar-ediff-menu :help "Display differences between files/directories") (ediff-merge menu-item "Merge" menu-bar-ediff-merge-menu :help "Merge different revisions of files/directories") (epatch menu-item "Apply Patch" menu-bar-epatch-menu) (ediff-misc menu-item "Ediff Miscellanea" menu-bar-ediff-misc-menu :help "Ediff manual, customization, sessions, etc.") (separator-compare "--") (vc menu-item "Version Control" ... :help "Interface to RCS, CVS, SCCS") (pcl-cvs menu-item "PCL-CVS" ... :help "Module-level interface to CVS") (separator-vc "--") (gnus menu-item "Read Net News (Gnus)" gnus ... :help "Read network news groups") (rmail menu-item ... menu-bar-read-mail ... :visible ... :help "Read your mail and reply to it") (compose-mail menu-item ... compose-mail ... :visible ... :help "Send a mail message") (directory-search menu-item "Directory Search" eudc-tools-menu :help "Query directory servers via LDAP, CCSO PH/QI or BBDB") (separator-net "--") (calendar menu-item "Display Calendar" calendar ...) (calc menu-item "Programmable Calculator" calc ... :help "Invoke the Emacs built-in full scientific calculator") (simple-calculator menu-item "Simple Calculator" calculator ... :help "Invoke the Emacs built-in quick calculator") (separator-games "--") (games menu-item "Games" ...) "Tools") (help-menu "Help" keymap (emacs-tutorial menu-item "Emacs Tutorial" help-with-tutorial ... :help "Learn how to use Emacs") (emacs-tutorial-language-specific menu-item "Emacs Tutorial (choose language)..." help-with-tutorial-spec-language ... :help "Learn how to use Emacs (choose a language)") (emacs-faq menu-item "Emacs FAQ" view-emacs-FAQ ...) (emacs-news menu-item "Emacs News" view-emacs-news ... :help "New features of this version") (emacs-problems menu-item "Emacs Known Problems" view-emacs-problems ...) (report-emacs-bug menu-item "Send Bug Report..." report-emacs-bug ... :help "Send e-mail to Emacs maintainers") (sep1 "--") (apropos menu-item "Search Documentation" ... :help "Look up terms, find commands, options, etc. (Apropos)") (describe menu-item "Describe" ... :help "Describe commands, variables, keys") (emacs-manual menu-item "Read the Emacs Manual" info-emacs-manual ... :help "Full documentation of Emacs features") (manuals menu-item "More Manuals" ... :help "Search and browse on-line manuals") (finder-by-keyword menu-item "Find Emacs Packages..." finder-by-keyword ... :help "Find packages and features by keyword") (sep2 "--") (about menu-item "About Emacs" display-splash-screen ... :help "Display version number, copyright info, and basic help") (more menu-item "Find Extra Packages" menu-bar-help-extra-packages ... :help "Where to find some extra packages and possible updates") (describe-distribution menu-item "Getting New Versions" describe-distribution ... :help "How to get latest versions of Emacs") (describe-copying menu-item "Copying Conditions" describe-copying ... :help "Show the Emacs license (GPL)") (describe-no-warranty menu-item "(Non)Warranty" describe-no-warranty ... :help "Explain that Emacs has NO WARRANTY") (sep4 "--") (eliza menu-item "Emacs Psychiatrist" doctor ... :help "Our doctor will help you feel better") "Help") (mouse-1 . tmm-menubar-mouse)))
  byte-code("?	\"\"(9#!#J$C* \"\fXW
A8*|@ss\"Aa*		!@\"! \nB#," [map path key maps to-modify --dolist-temp--47412 vconcat (menu-bar) mapcar easy-menu-intern #[(map) "	\"9!K" [map key lookup-key keymapp] 4] keymapp current-active-maps nil easy-menu-get-map-look-for-name throw found format "%s" reverse make-sparse-keymap define-key current-local-map --dolist-temp--47413 name newmap] 5)
  easy-menu-get-map(nil nil "TAB")
  easy-menu-add-item(nil nil ("TAB" ["1: * URL history" (w3m-tab-menubar-open-item "*w3m*") #<buffer *w3m*>]) nil)
  easy-menu-change(nil "TAB" (["1: * URL history" (w3m-tab-menubar-open-item "*w3m*") #<buffer *w3m*>]))

after this i just used customize-face to do the job and that worked
fine, as does emacs-w3m in general.  if you need any more information,
please tell me.

greetings, and thanks for this fine product,



System Info to help track down your bug:
 => "1.3.126"
 => "GNU Emacs (i386-unknown-freebsd4.3, X toolkit, Xaw3d scroll bars)\n of 2002-11-22 on spotteswoode.dnsalias.org"
 => "5.0 (SAKAKI)"
 => berkeley-unix
 => "w3m/0.3.2rc4+cvs-1.466"
 => w3m
 => ("lang=en" "image" "color" "mouse" "sysmouse" "menu" "cookie" "ssl" "ssl-verify" "external-uri-loader" "w3mmailer" "nntp" "gopher" "alarm" "mark")
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil
 => nil