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Re: Call for info writers

> The snow began to fall tonight, so my other plans were cancelled.  I
> have therefore had time to proofread the nodes by YAMATO-san and this
> node about Gnus, it is excellent work!

Thank you.

> > Please keep these guidelines in mind, though:
> > - write at the present tense.  No future, no past tense.
> > - write actively, as in "You can do this" or "We have added that"
> Ok.  I am looking them over again.
> ;; Tense of Japanese is very ambiguous, so it is cut out for
> ;; time-traveling novels. ;-)

I'll be care these even in writing in Japanese.

> > - put @findex and @vindex at the exact place where the function is
> >   described in a node, i.e. in the @table @kbd and not at the top level
> >   of the node.  And put it only once.  :)
> > It makes more easily readable documentation.
> I see.  Let's do in this way?  When there's a detailed
> explanation of a variable in a section, we put a @vindex there.
> Otherwise, we put a @vindex in the "Customizable Options"
> section.  We do the same for @findex.

I see.