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Forward: Bug#177243: w3m-el: cookies broken for Australian XEmacs users

こういうbug reportがきたんですが、どうすればいいでしょうか?

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Package: w3m-el
Version: 1.3.3-2
Severity: normal

(Have a look in w3m.el at where w3m-time-parse-string is declared and
this will make more sense)

w3m.el chooses the wrong implementation of w3m-time-parse-string,
since the test fails.  The test fails due to a misunderstanding over
the timezone "EST", but otherwise the original version is good (the
later version doesn't work at all).

Once the broken (later) w3m-time-parse-string function is chosen,
parsing a cookie timestring returns lots of nils and the cookies are
declared expired and ignored.

I've been using this in my init.el, and it seems to be working fine:

;; bugfix. w3m.el decides this isn't any good (and installs a worse
;; version) because timezone-fix-time thinks "EST" is American EST,
;; not Australian EST.. other than that (unavoidable
;; misunderstanding), this version is good
(eval-after-load "w3m"
  (setq w3m-time-parse-string 
	 (lambda (string)
	   "Parse the time-string STRING and return its time as Emacs style."
	     (let ((x (timezone-fix-time string nil nil)))
	       (encode-time (aref x 5) (aref x 4) (aref x 3)
			    (aref x 2) (aref x 1) (aref x 0)
			    (aref x 6))))))))

I presume the two versions are an emacs vs xemacs thing, I haven't
checked on FSF emacs.  A possible solution would be to always choose
the earlier version when running on xemacs (and perhaps have a
versioned conflict on some xemacs.deb if we find it didn't work at
some point in the past), or to use "+1100" style timezones during the
test, which are immune to such "EST" ambiguities.

-- System Information
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Kernel Version: Linux dolly 2.4.20-686 #1 Sat Dec 21 15:58:35 EST 2002 i686 Pentium II (Deschutes) GenuineIntel GNU/Linux

Versions of the packages w3m-el depends on:
ii  apel           10.4-1         Portable Emacs Library
ii  w3m            0.3.1-3        WWW browsable pager with excellent tables/fr
ii  w3m-ssl        0.3-2          WWW browsable pager with SSL support
ii  xemacs21       21.4.6-8       Editor and kitchen sink
emacs20	Not installed or no info
emacs21	Not installed or no info
emacs20	Not installed or no info
emacs21	Not installed or no info
w3mmee	Not installed or no info
 - Gus

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