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Re: w3m improvement for local files


>>>>> In [emacs-w3m : No.04781]
>>>>>	Wolfgang.Clesle@SIT.rohde-schwarz.com wrote:

> Dear Bug Team!
> Sorry , I've not found an other email-Address so I am using this one.

This is the list of the very sake.  Thanks for your posting.

> If I am using W3M to browse on the local filesystem, eg. some documentation
> then its better to use emacs-built-in-Modes for some Filetyes (C,shell, ...)
> so I have made my local improvents. see attachment ~/elisp/21.3/w3m-wjc.el

> Wolfgang Clesle

That's quite useful for all Emacs users.  I'd like to implement
this feature in the emacs-w3m distribution, however I'm not sure
whether it is appropriate to do that in the w3m-view-this-url
function (how's it in w3m-goto-url?).  Then, I need to ask other

I think there's no necessity of inquiring "use emacs for file?"
if the w3m-ori-emacs-regexp variable is customizable.  In
addition, I want to have the .el extention in the regexp. :)

Excuse me for asking other developers in Japanese:

みなさま、ちょっと試してみていただけませんか?  彼のコードを eval
してから、C のソースファイルがある適当なディレクトリを emacs-w3m
でブラウズ、そして何かのファイルの場所で RET です。

Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>