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Re: emacs-w3m & vm

 > > I'll send an email to the VM maintainers too.

Looking at the gnu.emacs.vm.info, it seems they now know about this.

 > > One suggestion: would it be a good idea in cases like these for
 > > emacs-w3m to have a w3 drop-in replacement mode?
 > What thing is it concretely?  If it is to have something like
 > (defalias 'w3-region 'w3m-region)
 > in w3m.el, it is not my liking. :-p

Not to mine either: I meant something more like:

  (defun impersonate-w3-with-w3m ()
    (defalias 'w3-region 'w3m-region) 

so the user can decide whether to use it or not.