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APEL 10.5 is released

APEL 10.5 is released.

Get it from:


This site is provisional, remember that the primary distribution
place for APEL is:


* Changes in APEL 10.5

** The function `make-temp-file' is defined.

make-temp-file is a new function in Emacs 21. It provides a more
reliable way to create a temporary file. It can be used like
make-temp-name, except that it actually creates the file before it
returns.  This prevents a timing error, ensuring that no other job can
use the same name for a temporary file.
APEL provides following API, which is defined in Emacs 21.3.50 or later.

(make-temp-file PREFIX &optional DIR-FLAG SUFFIX)

** Install prefix is fixed for Meadow2 and NTEmacs.

** Default value for `filename-filters' is set as nil.

See the ChangeLog file for details.

APEL stands for A Portable Emacs Library.  This package includes:

* emulation modules to share Emacs Lisp programs by various Emacsen
* basic functions to write portable Emacs Lisp programs
* modules to provide coding-system and MIME charset related features
* utilities to write portable CCL programs
* etc...

XEmacs users should be careful of the following things:

* There are differences between the XEmacs APEL package and this.
  Since some programs (e.g. Wanderlust, T-gnus and emacs-w3m) presume
  that *this* version of APEL is used, you should replace the XEmacs
  APEL package with it if you use those such programs.  For example:

  % rm -fr /usr/local/lib/xemacs/xemacs-packages/lisp/apel
  % cd apel-10.4
  % make install-package XEMACS=xemacs-21.4.10\

  It does not mean the XEmacs APEL package is inferior, those versions
  are simply different.

* In principle, APEL built by XEmacs with the Mule feature can be used
  by only XEmacs with Mule.  Similarly, APEL built by non-Mule XEmacs
  can be used by only XEmacs without the Mule feature in principle.
  This issue is not applied to the XEmacs APEL package.

Though both the lists <apel-en@m17n.org> and <apel-ja@m17n.org> are
closed for non-subscribed posters, comments, suggestions, and bug
fixes are welcome.  To subscribe those lists, see the README file.

Yuuichi Teranishi <teranisi@gohome.org>
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