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Re: Shimbun Basics

>what i read in the docs indicated that shimbun makes certain feeds
>available like gnus groups.  i thought gnus was neccessary to use it?

  You can use shimbun with Gnus, but currently you have 2
alternatives, Wanderlust and Mew.

>so what are you trying to tell me?  that we should watch emacs-w3m
>become so big that it is as unmanagable as the other giants?

  At least as for me, emacs-w3m is not so big.  I think it is almost
under control of Mr. Tsuchiya (and Mr. Teranish who is the author of
shimbun library).  And from now on it will possibly become more big
with more useful shimbun backends (not with complicated new
mechanism).  We cannot compare emacs-w3m with Emacs itself.

>why not decompose it and make use of the modules where they can be
>used efficiently?  why make a supersonic hyperthing covering every
>base just so that some percent of its users can read japanese
>newspapers, and continue with parallel development of stuff that has
>been invented before?

  Talking about future of RSS and Shimbun is interesting.  I like it.
But quick integration seems to be very difficult.  One point that I
felt is your opinion relys on Gnus.
NAKAJIMA Mikio <minakaji@namazu.org>