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Re: Shimbun Basics

>> On 12 Jun 2003 12:25:39 +0900
>> minakaji@osaka.email.ne.jp (NAKAJIMA Mikio) said as follows:

>> I do not argue that we can reconstruct all Shimbun backends in
>> RSS-based approach, and agree your analysis about difference
>> between requirement of Shimbun and one of RSS.

> I think everybody would like to hear YOUR IDEA about how to
> development Shimbun and RSS.

I beleive that the simplest way is the right way, and have already
mentioned one of such simplest ways as follows:

>> What I said in [emacs-w3m:05100] meant that we can develop a
>> backend that retrieve headers based on RSS for sites providing RSS.
>> I named a base class of such backends `sb-rss.el'.  It will provide
>> only `shimbun-get-headers' method based on RSS.

Unfortunately, I am too busy and do not have enough time to develop

TSUCHIYA Masatoshi