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Re: Shimbun Basics

"clemens fischer" <ino-qc@spotteswoode.de.eu.org> writes:

> the _alternative_ would be (and i think i prefer this option), to
> isolate the sub-processors already defined for shimbun and make them
> regular gnus-backends, such as nnasahi, nnyomjuri etc.

What about people who don't use Gnus?

My opinion about this whole thread is that you fail to see that RSS
interfaces and Shimbun have very different goals: RSS feeds need to be
_provided_ by the server, Shimbun tries to _read_ already available
content, it doesn't need any special feed on the server.  That's what
makes it so useful.

I'm glad that Gnus reads RSS, and I agree that RSS support in Shimbun
would be nice too, but don't try to unify things that are as different
as oranges and apples.

> also, i think emacs-w3m grows too big, and should concentrate on
> providing HTML browsing and HTML searching.  it is complicated enough
> as it is now (without shimbun and the other special parts).

I don't think it qualifies as big given the size of other projects:
Emacs itself, Gnus, Eshell, cc-mode are good examples of what defines
"big".  Keep in mind that most of the stuff that comes with the
emacs-w3m distribution is often optional and not mandatory to use the
simple browsing interface.

About that I have one remark though: emacs-w3m in Debian now depends on
APEL because of the call to make-temp-file in octet.el, would there be a
way to replace that call by a home-made function?  I don't want to
install APEL on my systems just for octet.el, which I don't even use...

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