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Re: Shimbun Basics

At Tue, 10 Jun 2003 22:04:02 +0900,
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org> wrote:
> > the development of gnus' RSS backend and shimbun should definitely be
> > coordinated, because they follow the same idea.  RSS seems to be one
> > special case, and shimbun seems to implement other special cases
> > (asahi, yomiuri, ...).
> You are right.
> > it would be dangerous to have the two development lines run isolated,
> > because one day or other they will compete both for users and
> > developers, and one of them will propably loose and vanish, together
> > with its special merits.
> Hm, I think there are differences between Gnus and shimbun.
> Gnus is closed in its kitchen sink.  Shimbun aims at general
> purpose; providing NOV-like data, and messages having the proper
> formalities for all the MUAs.  In addition, there is an
> advantage that shimbun strips cruft, e.g. advertisements, from
> articles.
> It may be possible that shimbun provides RSS-style data and
> nnrss.el can be improved to accept them either.  The remainder
> of requirements is that Gnus deletes advertisements perfectly.

  I didn't know the RSS, but after some talks with Mr. Yamaoka I've
got what it is.

Major difference between RSS and shimbun is that RSS requires RSS
feeder and Shimbun works without it.  The latter only requires web
servers that feed certain contents (there are numerous number of web
servers in the world while there are not so many RSS feeders, at least
in Japan), although it needs a HTML processor specifically made for
each web page in order to get a subject, date, author, content, etc.

And RSS's format is defined somehow, and Shimbun doesn't have its
fixed way to process HTML pages.

RSS and Shimbun are similar to each other for a user who wants to read
certain web contents, but their internal works and their requirements
are very different.  So I think shimbun co-work with RSS is very
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