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Re: Shimbun Basics

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>>>>>	Clemens Fischer <ino-qc@spotteswoode.dnsalias.org> wrote:

> * Katsumi Yamaoka:

>> Okay.  Then I request non-Japanese people who read the "Shimbun
>> Basics" info section.  Anyone?

> i did not find this section, but read other introductory passages
> ("shimbun library").

Sorry, it is available from the CVS server.  See

> in my opinion shimbun is superior to RSS if it will be possible to
> write an RSS module for it.

I'm sorry for my idleness.  I didn't know what is RSS.  But now
I found one of RSS site in Japan
<URL:ttp://nogdnik.s3.xrea.com/rss/x/>.  It has analogy to the
Gnus group buffer running nnshimbun!

> the development of gnus' RSS backend and shimbun should definitely be
> coordinated, because they follow the same idea.  RSS seems to be one
> special case, and shimbun seems to implement other special cases
> (asahi, yomiuri, ...).

You are right.

> it would be dangerous to have the two development lines run isolated,
> because one day or other they will compete both for users and
> developers, and one of them will propably loose and vanish, together
> with its special merits.

Hm, I think there are differences between Gnus and shimbun.
Gnus is closed in its kitchen sink.  Shimbun aims at general
purpose; providing NOV-like data, and messages having the proper
formalities for all the MUAs.  In addition, there is an
advantage that shimbun strips cruft, e.g. advertisements, from

It may be possible that shimbun provides RSS-style data and
nnrss.el can be improved to accept them either.  The remainder
of requirements is that Gnus deletes advertisements perfectly.

> i personally see the typical schism of japanese and english
> technology, and i wish i could understand japanese.

I wish I could read and write English fast (it took hours to
write this message :-).
Katsumi Yamaoka <yamaoka@jpl.org>